2018-12-21 Recovery Day 655

Today was another Good day, with no health-related issue. My shoulder pain/discomfort is still present but at a very low level, even during my walk and afterward, the level increased only slightly. As to my new issue, the sweating during my walk and afterward, was almost none existing today. Overall it was a good day with only my shoulder blades giving me some discomfort.

As to my activities today, after getting up and having breakfast, I went for my walk with Dean and Carsten. Today our walk was about 45 minutes long, as planned, a slight increase from yesterday. After our walk Dean and I went for some shopping, starting with getting a new special battery for our Alarm Control panel at ACE. Next stop was at our Hazard Drop-off Station to drop off some old paint cans and the old battery we just replaced. Last but not least we stopped at Costco, which was a nuthouse.

Getting back home I installed the new battery into the Alarm Control Panel before having lunch. After lunch, I surprised Renée with giving her my old Kindle Paperwhite. Actually, it is not that old, only one generation behind the latest version. Next, I worked on cleaning up my Fitbit Blaze before handing it back down for Dieter.

After my pre-Christmas surprises, it was craft time, working on creating the Best Gingerbread House and Ugliest Sweater. After we all have finished our best work, it was time to take some PICTURES of our handy work.

Shortly after the picture taking, it was dinner since the Pizza ad arrived. With the Pizza, we start watching on Netflix, The Christmas Chronicles. I use the time for processing and uploading today’s photos to Flickr and writing this posting and uploading to Klaus’ Korner website.

In summary, today was a good day, health- and activity-wise.

Picture of the Day
2018-12-21 – Best Gingerbread House and Ugliest Sweater