2018-12-22 Recovery Day 656

2018–12–22 Recovery Day 656

Today was a so-so day, with some health-related issue. My shoulder pain/discomfort acted up all day again. In addition, some new masses have surfaced in the rib area on my right side. For most of the day I rested, dozing off. Overall it was not a good day the way we had it the last few days. Hopefully, today was an exception and tomorrow will be better.

As to my activities today, after getting up and having breakfast, I continued to rest because of my pain in my right side. Just before lunch Dianne and I went shopping at Target and Safeway. Returning home we had some lunch before my other activity which was my walk with Dianne through our neighborhood. During our walk we took some PICTURES of Christmas Wreaths.

Returning home I rested and used the time for processing and uploading today’s photos to Flickr and starting to write this posting for uploading to Klaus’ Korner website later.

In the afternoon we all played some crafts game until it was dinner time. For dinner Dieter barbecued some burgers, keeping up with our tradition that started some 40+ years in Canada, come rain or snow we had our Christmas Burgers. With all the fixings and side dishes we had a good and early Christmas dinner.

In summary, today was a so-so day, health- and activity-wise.

Picture of the Day

  • Mostly Christmas Wreaths