2019-01-04 Living with Cancer – Day 669

Today was another so-so day, I slept in until 8:00 before going downstairs for breakfast and getting ready for my walk with Dean. My heath issues were almost a repeat of yesterday, I had a bit lightheadedness and some stomach pains. Lucky for me that I had taken my medication before starting my walk. Today was very cold again, so I dressed in layers, which was good. Getting back home I rested and got ready for lunch with my Premenos coworkers.

Before and during lunch my back and shoulder pain became a problem, however I had taken some Tylenol, which finally kicked in. For the rest of the afternoon I kept my activities to a minimum. The only exception was a brief car ride to Empire Mine Road and Deer Valley Road junction, the opposite entry from yesterday’s Mesa Ridge Road junction.

The reason for this car ride was to get some PICTURES of Mount Diablo from a different location. However, thick fog obscured the mountain. All photos taken today are in the direction of Mount Diablo, I will go back as soon as possible when the Mountain is visible.

The complete set of today’s photos will be part of my project to get back into Photography, for access to my Photography postings pulldown the Photography submenu from the My Blogs Top-menu: (My Blogs => Photography)

Returning home, I spend the rest of the afternoon watching some TV and at the same time, processing and uploading today’s photos to Flickr and writing this posting for uploading to my website, Klaus’ Korner.

In summary, today was a so-so day thanks for the resting during the afternoon which improved my shoulder and back pain!

Picture of the Day
2019-01-04 – Landscape Photography, Mount Diablo, Set 4