2019-01-05 Living with Cancer – Day 670

Today was a GOOD day, I slept until 8:00 before going downstairs for breakfast and getting ready for our shopping trip to Walnut Creek. My health issues were a repeat of yesterday, I had a bit lightheadedness and some stomach pains. Taking my medication before our trip took care of this. We were lucky regarding the rain since we skipped it.

We had dressed in layers, which was good since we besides the rain, it was very windy. The good news, not getting caught up in the rain, I was able to walk around visiting a number of stores without any additional new pains. After returning home, I rested which helped even more with keeping my Shoulder and Lower Back pain in check.

As to my activities, we started our shopping trip with visiting The Container Store, followed by the Uniqlo (Japanese Apparel Store) and The Apple Store before stopping at the Boudin Bakery for lunch. Dianne and Denise went after lunch to Macy’s and I stopped by the Amazon Books store.

Our next stop was The Veranda, the new Shopping Center on Diamond Blvd in Concord. Denise and Dianne went to Cost Plus (World Market) and T.J.Maxx, and I took some PICTURES of Mount Diablo from the Parking Lot. Like yesterday, the weather was not cooperating, however, it should not be too difficult to guess where the mountaintop is under the clouds.

Returning home, I spend the rest of the afternoon watching TV and at the same time, processing and uploading today’s photos to Flickr and writing this posting for uploading to my website, Klaus’ Korner.

In summary, today was a GOOD day, yes the morning was very active but thanks for the resting during the afternoon which kept my shoulder and back pain!

Picture of the Day
2019-01-05 – Landscape Photography, Mount Diablo, Set 5