2019-01-08 Living with Cancer – Day 673

Today was a BAD day, it started around 4:00 in the morning, I took Zofran to help with my stomach issues and meclizine for the dizziness. The Medication did its job allowing me to sleep until 8:00 AM. I had some toast for breakfast, however, for the rest of the morning, the dizziness and stomach issues came slowly back.

At lunchtime I was back on the clock with my dizziness and stomach mediation, which kicked in slowly again, however, around 3:30 PM it started to wear off. The good news, resting helps a lot. What I need to do now is to live around the time the medication works. Just another variable in my life with cancer.

As to my activities today, there were not too many due to the weather and my health status. However, I was able to take some PICTURES in my backyard just before lunch. I spend most time of the afternoon and early evening resting and processing today’s photos before uploading them on Flickr.

For some reason I had a hard time concentrating on writing this blog entry, somehow I either got stuck on what to write, or I mixed the timeline up. Anyway, since there was not much to write about it was not a major issue. I got the postings done before dinner, giving me time to catch up with the Photography Blog posting.

In summary, today was a BAD day, with the morning and early afternoon being the bad part, but thanks for resting during the late morning and all afternoon it helped with my shoulder and back pain!

Picture of the Day
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