2019-01-11 Living with Cancer – Day 676

Today was a good day since Dianne had taken the day off, I got up early at 7:00 not having any Stomach and Dizziness issues thanks to the medication I had taken as a precaution around 4:00 AM. The good news for most of the day was not having any Stomach and Dizziness issues. Because of my resting during the day, my shoulder and back pain are either almost gone or are present because I do things that aggravate them.

Today I rested for most of it. One reason being the on and off rain showers that eliminated my morning walk. Instead, I rested and worked on my Photography Blog adding the overdue postings. By 10:00 Dianne picked me up to go grocery shopping at Costco. After returning home and upload the groceries, we left to go and see the movie Bohemian Rhapsody.

After the movie, we went to check if Mount Diablo was visible for me to continue to take more pictures of it from this location. However the mountain was not visible, therefore we went home. As an alternative, I took PICTURES of the sky since it had some interesting cloud formation, I called it Nothing but Clouds.

After getting back inside, I rested and continue to process my pictures for my Photography Blog until it was dinner time. After dinner, I processed and uploaded to Flickr today’s photos and finished posting them.

In summary, today was a good day, thanks for no health issues for most of the day.

Picture of the Day
2019-01-11 – Landscape Photography, Nothing but Clouds