2019-01-14 Living with Cancer – Day 679

Today was another so-so day, starting with me sleeping in until 9:00. For most of the day, I had to deal with some earlier discomfort such as Stomach and Dizziness issues. However, thanks to the medication I had taken as a precaution around 6:00 AM the discomfort was kept at a minimum, allowing me to have a light breakfast and later a good lunch. Not being very active I also started to encounter lower back pain in the late afternoon. I tried walking it off with a short walk together with Dean, but no change, I, therefore, rested for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

After breakfast, Dianne and I got ready to meet with Alice, our friend, in Concord for lunch to celebrate my Birthday. However, we did have some time before we needed to leave and a great PHOTO opportunity arose, that of our Hummingbird visiting his feeder close enough to take some pictures. Not only that, our Scrub Jay wanted to be photographed as well. However, there was a third bird in our back yard, a Hawk. You will see him, out of focus, in the background underneath the Hummingbird Feeder. Further, he is sitting on top of a pine tree in three photos, and last but not least, there is a single photo showing him flying away.

We finally started our trip to Concord with a detour to stop by the Antioch Opticians to drop off my glasses because the anti-reflection coding was damage and needed to be replaced. Lucky I still have the old glasses that I can use for the next week.

We got to Concord a bit early and therefore spend some time at Old Navy before going to the Lazy Dog to meet Alice for lunch. I enjoyed lunch, having had half a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with a cup of Lentil Soup. THANKS, ALICE!

Getting back home I went for a short walk with Dean before going back inside to rest for the rest of the day to help to reduce my head, shoulder and lower back pressure/pain. At the same time, I processed and uploaded to Flickr today’s photos and finished posting them. Dianne helped in identifying that our Hummingbird was back, which helped in getting two more photos with the Humming Bird.

In summary, today was a so-so day, because of some minor health issues during the day, and on the positive side, lunch with Alice!

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2019-01-14 – Nature Photography, Birds

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