2019-01-18 Living with Cancer – Day 683

Today was another so-so day, which seems to be for now a routine day. Taking my Zofran (Stomach) and Meclizine (Dizziness) around 3:00 to 4:00 AM as a preventive measure seems to be working very well. However I still have to deal with the sweating side effect, flushing the radiation toxin when being a bit active. There is no real trigger, the one I can repeat is walking up the stairs, however, my morning walk does not always trigger it. I may sweat during the walk, or at the end, but there are as many days I don’t sweat during my morning walk or at the end. I have not been able to identify a sure repeatable pattern.

As to my Shoulder and Lower Back discomfort/pain, it starts after I return home from my morning walk and stays at an actable level. If I am active, cleaning things, unloading the dishwasher, etc. it will stay at that level. Resting will slowly decrease the level, however, it will never fully disappear.

My morning routine is now to get up around 8:00 AM and spend some time cleaning before having breakfast downstairs and taking my morning medication. My next step is to determine what the weather outlook is so that I can plan the day, which includes my morning walk and photo subject.

Today’s PICTURE subject was to show the sky and clouds the day after the rain stopped for now. I was able to shoot today’s set before going with Dean for our morning walk. Today’s walk was our first outdoor walk in a long time. We did 1.6 miles in 55 minutes. I did only sweat a little bit during my walk and none at the end of the walk. However, my shoulder pain was at elevated level, since I was getting ready for my Traditional Friday lunch meeting with ex-Premenos co-workers the pain level did not drop until I was done with the preparation work and finally had a chance to rest.

After Bill and Greg left, I continued to rest and finally started to work on my Photography and Living with Cancer blogs. The rest of the day is routine by now, have dinner, work finishing this blog entry and, watch some TV or movies until it is time to retire.

In summary, because of some minor health issues during the day, today was another so-so day.

Picture of the Day
2019-01-18 – Nature Photography, The day after the Rain

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Complete Set of today’s Nature Photography, The day after the Rain