2019-01-19 Living with Cancer – Day 684

Today was a GOOD day, which is also called a so-so day and has become our routine day. Talking about routine, taking my Zofran (Stomach) and Meclizine (Dizziness) around 3:00 to 4:00 AM as a preventive measure is working very well. However, I still have to deal with the sweating side effect, flushing the radiation toxin when being a bit active.

My morning routine is now to get up around 8:00 AM and spend some time cleaning before having breakfast downstairs and taking my morning medication. My next step is to determine what the weather outlook is so that I can plan the day, which includes my morning walk and photo opportunities.

For today the weather outlook was positive, no rain, we, therefore, decide to go Downtown Walnut Creek, do some window shopping and whatever else may present itself, such as lunch at Boudin.

Today’s PICTURE subject was to shoot anything that looks somehow interesting. Today’s photography was what one called Street Photography, at a subject area, I have spent very little time in.

After having completed our walking tour around the Broadway Plaza, stopped at a number of stores, and even brought something at Crate and Barrel, it was time to return home. However, we took a detour, stopping at the Sunvalley Shopping Mail to check if Macy’s had a certain Tea Kettle.

Our next and final stop was Target before returning home. By the time we got home, I needed to rest since my shoulder and lower back was at a higher than normal pain level. Having spent much time driving and walking around getting home was rather late not going me much time to write today’s blog entries.

In summary, even with my shoulder and lower back pain, today was a GOOD day.

Picture of the Day
2019-01-19 – Street Photography, A Day Downtown Walnut Creek

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