2019-01-24 Living with Cancer – Day 689

Today was a better so-so day, it started off well, my early temperature before getting up around 5:15 AM was 100.4F, but was much lower when I got up around 8:30 AM was down to 99.5F, and after breakfast it was 97.8F. During the rest of the day, it stayed around 97.8F to 98.6F. My lower back and side pains, they did not show up until after my walk at a low pain level which slowly got lower and by dinner were close to being gone. My stomach issue was the same as yesterday with no change all day. As to my Shoulder’s tightness, it stayed around all day at various levels.

I got up by 8:00 and had breakfast before my FaceTime season with Ray around 8:30
session. Around 9:30 I notified Dean that I was OK to go walking staring at 10:00, he confirmed to go with me.

The walk started with no issues, however, 3/4 through, my stomach acted up with bad cramps. I was lucky the Deerfield Park was only a minute away for me to sit.

I made it home but the cramps got back. After 15 minutes things turn normal again. I rested for about 30 minutes and since we’re back to normal I had a soup for lunch. I rested afterward for about 15 minutes before the light stomach cramps came back for, you guessed it, for another 15 minutes. This was the last cycle with the on/off cramps.

As to my PICTURES taking, I selected our Hibiscus. Instead of a single set, I took two sets, one before lunch, the other after lunch. After taking the before lunch photos I went for a short walk. Getting back I rested, allowing my Shoulder’s tightness to decrease. I also started to work on my Photography and Living with Cancer blog entries for today.

Dianne came home early, she went into our backyard to clean up some of the mess left from yesterday’s patio overhand cleaning. I joined her in the backyard to take the second set of photos for the Nature Photography – Flowers – Hibiscus after Lunch blog entry. After processing the photos and uploading them, finished today’s blog entries, we had dinner and, watch some TV or movies until it is time to retire.

In summary, a better so-so day with some good work results.

Picture of the Day
2019-01-24 – Nature Photography – Flowers – Hibiscus before/after Lunch

Click => HERE for the accommodating Photographic Artice, Nature Photography – Flowers – Hibiscus before/after Lunch

Complete Set of today’s Nature Photography – Flowers – Hibiscus before/after Lunch