2019-01-30 Living with Cancer – Day 695

Today was a good day since it is Chemo Day I got up @ 07:15, health-wise I encountered:
• A shoulder that was a bit tight this morning.
• A bit of dizziness but major stomach cramps.
• Sweat, as I prepared breakfast

I did not have much time before my chemo session, I had breakfast, took my morning medication and, got ready for my Chemo Day.

Since I will be all day at the Cancer Center, I took today’s PICTURES a bit early, just before it was time for Dean to drop me off at the Center. That way I can process them and write the Photography blog entry during my Chemo session.

Dean dropped me off at 09:00 for my all-day Chemo session. There is not much to write about my treatment session. Besides resting in a special recliner with an IV attached for 7+ hours, I used my laptop to upload and process the pictures. Soon it was lunchtime. After lunch Dean dropped me off at the local Cancer Center for the support group meeting.

I had lunch with Dianne, who had brought some snacks from home and some salad and a soft taco from the lunch a salesperson has brought. We eat in one of the small conference rooms.
Afterward, we went for a small walk inside the building.

Back from lunch, I rested in the chemo chair, if that is what you call it, it is a recliner that has a reclining feature that helps patients to spend 8-9 hours in it.

Around 15:05 the infusion is over. Next one is in 4 weeks, 27 February. Dianne had some business to finish, therefore I stayed at the center. Finally, 15:30 we are on our way home. Dinner would be soon, I use the time to finish my Living with Cancer blog entry. After dinner, we watched some TV until it is time to retire.

In summary, overall today was a *good day.

Picture of the Day
2019-01-30 – Nature Photography – Succulent – Aeonium (tree houseleek)

Click => HERE for the accommodating Photographic Artice, Nature Photography – Succulent – Aeonium (tree houseleek)

Complete Set of today’s Nature Photography – Succulent – Aeonium (tree houseleek)