2019-02-05 Living with Cancer – Day 701

Today was not a good day. For the most part, today was a repeat of the last three days, dealing with stomach cramps, dizziness, sweating and lack of concentration. Like yesterday, I had a hard time doing anything because of the lack of energy. I dozed off many times, which did not help to get things done. Hopefully, soon there will be a better day.

As too today’s activities, after getting up around 08:00 I went downstairs and had a light breakfast. However, soon afterward the stomach cramps, dizziness and sweating started. I rested only to doze off until 09:45. Since it was very cold, at least for Californians, we did not go walking. Instead, I started to work on my blog postings and PICTURES of the other Amaryllis we have. This one has no bulbs, only leaves, which is rare.

Around noon I had my chicken noodle soup. Afterward, I got my stuff together to hook my laptop to the display at our Cancer Support Group meeting. I have work on setting up a website for our group to be online 24/7 so that we can have a discussion about a special topic without having to wait. Today was the first showing to get feedback on the design and layout.

After returning from my support group session I had lunch before resting, dozing off again. I finally got enough energy to process my pictures and work on my Living with Cancer and Photography blog entry. Afterward, I rested again, watching some TV, until dinner time, since the stomach cramps and dizziness had returned. I continued watching TV after dinner until it is time to retire.

In summary, overall today was not a good day.

Picture of the Day
2019-02-05 – Nature Photography – Flowers – Amaryllis

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