2019-02-08 Living with Cancer – Day 704

Today was a good day. For the most part, there was no dealing with stomach cramps, dizziness, sweating and lack of concentration. After breakfast, I rested until 10:00 to go for my morning walk at a temperature of 50F. As to my health issues, for most of the day I had, I had almost no issues with stomach cramps and dizziness, sweating and, a lack of concentration. I said for the most part, since there were a very few times that one of them showed up, but it was at a very low level not needed attention and lasting not more than 15 minutes.

At 10:00 I went with Dean for our morning walk which Carsten joined us. It was still a bit cold, below 50F. We went our standard route, the path between the two houses on Country Hills Road. It is about 1.8 miles long and it took us 55 minutes, which is what it normally takes us. Getting home, I did not have my sweat breakouts. All around a good sign that maybe my side effects are over. We will know tomorrow.

I rested for a bit, until shortly before lunch, to take today’s PICTURES in the backyard of our young Lemon Tree that finally has a few lemons growing.

After lunch I process my pictures and work on my Living with Cancer and Photography blog entry and, watching some TV, until dinner time. I continued watching TV after dinner until it is time to retire.

In summary, overall today was a good day.

Picture of the Day
2019-02-08 – Nature Photography – Trees – Lemon Tree

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Complete Set of today’s Nature Photography – Trees – Lemon Tree