2019-02-11 Living with Cancer – Day 707

Today was a bad day. For the most part of today, I had to deal with the same problems I had yesterday, dizziness and stomach issues. Also like yesterday, in addition after walking, I had to deal with the pain of my stiff neck. Resting was the best medicine for getting the various problem areas under control.

As mention above, today turned out became a resting day because of my health-related issues. My only activities were to take some PICTURES of some tulips and going for my walk with Dean.

As to my walk, I had to cut it short because of the pain in my shoulders and neck area. I still managed to walk for 35 minutes.

Getting back home, I took some Tylenol and rested to recover from the walk. By the time my system had recuperated enough, it was lunchtime.

After lunch, I processed my pictures and worked on my Living with Cancer and Photography blog entry. Around 02:00 PM (14:00) I got a FaceTime request from Kenji. We talked for 45 minutes about my health and more important about our Photo Club, which will be shut down in April since Google+ will go offline.

After my FaceTime call, I continued with my blog writing. Dianne had come home so together we watched some TV until dinner time. After dinner, we continued watching TV until it is time to retire.

In summary, overall today was another bad day.

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2019-02-11 – Living with Cancer – Day 707

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