2019-02-15 Living with Cancer – Day 711

Today was a so-so day. I continue to deal all day with the standard symptoms, sweating, dizziness and stomach aches. The good news, my UTI is under control thanks to the medication. Since my system is fighting the infection, my energy level is at a very low level and to rebuild I need to rest as much as possible and staying away from anything that may infect me with other things.

There is not much to report about my activities. Since the rain showers came in phases it was hard to guess if a break was long enough to go outside for taking pictures. I, therefore, decided to take some PICTURES of Indoor Room Decorations before our morning walk.

Today Dean and I went for our second walk this week and the first outdoors thanks to a break in the weather. We stayed close to our homes in case the rain started up again, or my energy level dropped sooner than planned and I needed to get home to rest. As it turned out we walked for 45 minutes with no need to cut short our planned route.

Getting back home I got ready for lunch with my Ex-Premenos colleagues. Today Bill and Greg joined me, with Larry checking in via FaceTime since he just got back home from a week in the hospital. We had a good lunch beside eating, talking about the good old days.

After lunch I rested watching TV and started to process my pictures and worked on my Living with Cancer and Photography blog entry until dinner time. Dianne came home a bit later to do some housework and joining me in watching TV in between her work activities.

In summary, overall today was a so-so day.

Picture of the Day
2019-02-15 – Indoor Photography – Room Decorations, Set 3

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