2019-02-17 Living with Cancer – Day 713

I am still not having a good day. Like the past few days, I am dealing all day with the standard symptoms, with randomly phases at a higher for a while, especially the dizziness and stomach aches. For now, all I can do is take my medication and rest, giving my system all the time to recuperate.

There is not much to report about my activities. I was able to take some Outdoor PICTURES thanks for the rain had stopped. I also joined Dianne in going for a short shopping trip to the UPS Store, which was closed because it is Sunday and our Pharmacy. However, it took most of my energy so that afterward I rested until lunchtime.

After lunch I continued with resting before I started to process today’s pictures and worked on my Living with Cancer and Photography blog entry.

In summary, overall today was still not a good day.

Picture of the Day
2019-02-17 – Nature Photography – Things in our Backyard

Click => HERE for the accommodating Photographic Article, Nature Photography – Things in our Backyard

Complete Set of today’s Nature Photography – Things in our Backyard