2019-02-17 – Nature Photography – Things in our Backyard

Finally, the rain is over to go outside. The temperature is still very low, however, the sun tries to correct this. Instead of shooting just one subject, I have decided using my 400mm long lens to shoot anything that looks good having survived the rain.

Since I am using a 400mm Prime Lens, I can’t, as before, shoot the same subject at different focal lengths. Also for this set, I skip shooting at different aperture settings. The photos are just what cut my eye was looking good in our Backyard after the weeklong rain.

The Camera setting for the Sony SLT-A77V with a Sigma AF 400mm F5.6 lens was:

  • Metering Mode: Auto
  • Drive Mode: Single shot
  • Shooting Mode: Various, Auto, P and A
  • Aperture setting: f/5.6
  • Focal Length: 400mm
  • ISO Setting: Auto
  • Focus Mode: Single Shot.

Below is the complete set of photos taken:

2019-02-17 – Nature Photography – Things in our Backyard