2019-02-19 Living with Cancer – Day 715

Today was still only a so-so day, still dealing with all the standard symptoms, especially the dizziness. There was some good news, my stomach aches were at a lower level. However, my dizziness was at a very high level. Like yesterday, my back and shoulder pain levels flared up again during my morning walk and required rest afterward.

There is still not much to report about my activities. Before my morning walk, I had a FaceTime session with Ray. We have not done that for a while. After the call, Dean and I had our morning walk. Not having walked for at least two weeks because of the rain, it was rather tough for me to get back into the rhythm, it will take some time. Like yesterday I took some PICTURES of trees in bloom during our morning walk. It took a lot of my energy so that afterward I rested until lunchtime.

After lunch, Dean picked me up to drop me off at our local cancer center for the Cancer Support Group meeting. After the meeting, Dianne picked me up for us to go home. Before I started to process today’s pictures and worked on my Living with Cancer and Photography blog entry, Dianne took some time to cut my hair.

Soon it was dinner time, after which I continued to spend the time to finished my blog and watched some time.

In summary, overall today was a so-so day.

Picture of the Day
2019-02-19 – Nature Photography – Trees – Signs of Early Spring, Set 2

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Complete Set of today’s Nature Photography – Trees – Signs of Early Spring, Set 2