2019-02-21 Living with Cancer – Day 717

Today was another so-so day, which was a bit better than yesterday. Still dealing with stomach cramps, light sweat and especially dizziness. Again my stomach aches were not as bad as before. However, my dizziness at a very high level in the early morning and stayed around for most of the day at a lighter level.

As to my back and shoulder pain levels they were lighter than before, but still at a high level as my walk progresses, which limits the time and distance. Resting brings the level down to almost not existing. BTW, the shoulder and back pain issues were the reason for my Radiation therapy, but instead of eliminating them, they got stronger and at times I never that the before.

In addition, a few days I encountered a strong pain on my right side from under my arm to my hip. I had it for 2 days, again rest helped but finding a position that was comfort was not easy. At the moment that pain is gone. However, I now have also bone pain that comes at goes.

Last but not least, I am back on my Chemo pills since my platelets have gone up from 48 to 67 to enough to start taking Pomalyst. Time will tell if we repeat the cycle, that halfway through taking Pomalyst, my platelet count is below 50 going an end to taking them until the count is above 60.

There is still not much to report about my activities. Before my morning walk, I had another FaceTime session with Ray. Today Dean and I drove to the crossing of along Lone Tree Way and Williamson Ranch Plaza to take a PICTURES of Cherry Blossoms photos, the only area which so far has cherry trees with pink blossoms in bloom.

Getting back home, I rested a bit as it was cold and very windy during the walk. After a short rest, I made some Tomato soup with rice for lunch, before resting again. The rest of the afternoon is a repeat pattern for most of my days this year:

  • process pictures
    • upload them to my laptop
    • rename photo to something that identifies where and when
    • review the photos to eliminate bad ones
    • upload to Flickr
    • create links to be used in blog entries
  • create blog entries
    • Photography blog
      • create content
      • check links etc.
      • upload to Klaus’ Korner
    • Living with cancer blog
      • create content
      • check links etc.
      • preview to check layout
      • Dianne and Denise to pick Photo of the Day
      • upload to Klaus’ Korner

If time is left before dinner, I work on other stuff, such as replying to emails or messages (texts). Most of the time there is little time left for it. After dinner, we watch some TV or Movies before calling it a day.

In summary, overall today was a so-so day, which was a bit better than yesterday.

Picture of the Day
2019-02-21 – Nature Photography – Trees – Signs of Early Spring, Set 4

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