2019-02-23 – Nature Photography – Plants – Asparagus Foxtail Fern, Part 2

Another rain-free day, however, we are getting ready for another round of rain and wind. Therefore I took another outdoor set of photos. Today’s subject is again Asparagus Foxtail Fern, but this one has red berries on it and is in our front yard.

As before, I used the ***Auto+***, ***Program***, and ***Aperture*** Modes for each set with four different f-stops, focal lengths and, two directions. This gives me enough photos to figure out which combination of settings does what and which to use in the future.

The Camera setting for the Sony SLT-A77V with a Sony DT 16-105mm F3.5-5.6 lens was:

* Metering Mode: Auto
* Drive Mode: Single shot
* Shooting Mode: Aperture Priority Mode
* Aperture setting: f/5.6, f/8, f/11 & f/16
* Focal Length: 16mm, 35mm, 70mm & 105mm
* ISO Setting: Auto
* Focus Mode: Single Shot.

Below is the complete set of photos taken:

**2019-02-23** *- Nature Photography – Plants – Asparagus Foxtail Fern, Part 2*