2019-03-02 – Indoor Photography – Early Easter Egg Hunt

Today’s weather was very wet as we had lots of rain overnight. Lucky for Dieter and company that the Easter bunny had hidden the Easter eggs inside the house.

These photos were taken during our Early Easter Egg Hunt. It was early because Dieter and Family are unable to visit us during the real Easter because their Baseball season is starting very early this year, and Carsten does not want to miss it.

I used my Lumix DC-ZS70 which I always have around me and for this set I was in a hurry because the hunters did not want to wait.

The Camera setting for the Lumix DC-ZS70 with a Leica 30x zoom – 4.3 – 129 mm – f/3.3-6.4 lens was:

  • Metering Mode: Auto
  • Drive Mode: Single shot
  • Shooting Mode: Auto
  • Aperture setting: Various
  • Focal Length: Various
  • ISO Setting: Auto
  • Focus Mode: Single Shot.

Below is the complete set of photos taken:

2019-03-02 – Indoor Photography – Early Easter Egg Hunt