2019-03-01 Living with Cancer – Day 725

Today, day two after our all-day therapy, was another so-so day, thanks for the Dilaudid I took since yesterday afternoon on a regular schedule. However, Dianne reminded me that the Dilaudid is to be used as a breakthrough relieve, only to be taken when the regular pain medication, in my case the Fentanyl Patch is not doing its job. Since the dosage was just increased, we have to wait to see how it works out. For now, I will stop taking any more Dilaudid unless my pain levels don’t go down.

My day started again with a light breakfast before starting my walk with Dean. My photo subject for today’s PICTURES are House Facades as in Front door and main window, of the homes we walk by.

Like yesterday by the end of today’s walk, I needed to rest as the pain levels had taken over again. Since we agreed not to take any Dilaudid unless the pain level was intolerable, I just rested for the rest of the day. This included to push the processing off today’s pictures and worked on my Living with Cancer and Photography blog entry to tomorrow. I dozed off until dinner time and after dinner, I watched with Dianne and Denise some TV before calling it a day.

In summary, overall today was a so-so day.

Picture of the Day
2019-03-01 – Outdoor Photography – Architecture – House Facades

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Complete Set of today’s Outdoor Photography – Architecture – House Facades