2019-03-02 Living with Cancer – Day 726

After breakfast we had an Easter Egg hunt. Denise had last night hidden some easter eegs and other easter related sweats hidden for Carsten to find. The reason for having the hunt so early was that Dieter and Carsten would miss the start of the Baseball season. Carsten was looking forward to the start since he was told that he would to be this year’s Pitcher, a position he really likes. After the hunt and before some of the bounty was eaten I was able to some PICTURES of Easter egg bounty.

After the hunt I rested which in my case actually means, sitting in my recliner and processing my pictures and working on my Living with Cancer and Photography blog entry with the TV running in the background to break the silence. Before I know it, Dinner time was approaching. After dinner we watched some TV until it is time to retire.

In summary, overall today was a better day.

Picture of the Day
2019-03-02 – Indoor Photography – Early Easter Egg Hunt

Click => HERE for the accommodating Photographic Artice, Indoor Photography – Early Easter Egg Hunt

Complete Set of today’s Indoor Photography – Early Easter Egg Hunt