2019-03-05 – Outdoor Photography – Man Made – Mess they made

These photos were taken during my morning walk. The subject topic was the mess people leave behind on the street and walkways.

I used my Lumix DC-ZS70 which I always have around me and today’s walk I had no room for my big and bulky Sony A-77.

The Camera setting for the Lumix DC-ZS70 with a Leica 30x zoom – 4.3 – 129 mm – f/3.3-6.4 lens was:

  • Metering Mode: Auto
  • Drive Mode: Single shot
  • Shooting Mode: Auto
  • Aperture setting: Various
  • Focal Length: Various
  • ISO Setting: Auto
  • Focus Mode: Single Shot.

Below is the complete set of photos taken:

2019-03-05 – Outdoor Photography – Nature – Man Made – Mess they made