2019-03-08 Living with Cancer – Day 732

Today was again not a good day. Things got bad after having had breakfast downstairs. Every one of my pain locations started to get active. I took a Dilaudid which did not do too much in reducing my pain, however, this did not stop me to go for my morning walk with Dean.

Getting back home I was still in pain and had dizziness and stomach cramps. The Dilaudid had not kicked in. My hope was that now that I rested maybe things will start to do their assign tasks for the ship to be ready for anything. My medication schedule for taking Zofran and Meclizine was at noon, just before our ex-Premonus lunch. For the rest of the day, my shoulder and hip pain and dizziness were hanging around, regardless of the medication that was to eliminate it.

Activity-wise I was able to take my daily PICTURES before my morning walk. There is not much more to write about my activities for the rest of the day, as it was the daily processing of my pictures and working on my Living with Cancer and Photography blog entry with the TV running in the background to break the silence. I was able to shake my sleepiness to have dinner. After dinner, I watched some TV until it is time to retire.

In summary, overall today was not a good day.

Picture of the Day
2019-03-08 – Nature Photography – Flowers – Amaryllis

Click => HERE for the accommodating Photographic Artice, Nature Photography – Flowers – Amaryllis

Complete Set of today’s Nature Photography – Flowers – Amaryllis