2019-03-16 Living with Cancer – Day 740

Today was another good day that started with no dizziness or stomach issues which lasted that way all day. I did encounter some shoulder and hip pains, but those were triggered by activities, such as sitting too long in the car or restaurant or walking a long way with only a cane, not my two walking sticks. For my hip pain, I took Tylenol Arthritis which lowered the hip pain. Overall it was a good day.

Activity-wise I was able to go through with my plan to take my daily PICTURES during my walk through IKEA’s gigantic store, which by the way took more energy than I thought it would. Our next stop on the way home was to have lunch at Fuddruckers in Concord.

After lunch, I walked from The Willows Shopping Center across to the new The Veranda mail, which took all my energy and triggered my shoulder and hip pain to start. After spending some time at World Market, we returned home.

Returning home it was time for me to rest to get my energy back and let my pain levels down. I did this by starting with the daily processing of my pictures and working on my Living with Cancer and Photography blog and watch some TV shoes at the same time. Being already late in the afternoon, it took some time to get this all done just before dinner time.

After dinner, we watched some more TV.

In summary, overall today was another good day.

Picture of the Day
2019-03-15 – Street Photography – Big-box Stores – IKEA

Click => HERE for the accommodating Photographic Artice, Street Photography – Big-box Stores – IKEA

Complete Set of today’s Street Photography – Big-box Stores – IKEA