2019-03-22 Living with Cancer – Day 746

Today was almost a good day, starting with me getting up early at 7:45 with some light dizziness, light stomach cramps, and very light sweat. All three symptoms lasted through the day intermittently not causing any real problem. Around noon my light sore throat and cough came back which lasted for the rest of the day even with having taken the prescribed medication. For the rest of the day I had to deal with my regular shoulder and lower back pain. On the good side, I did not doze off nor did I had a hard time concentrating and staying awake.

As to my activities, I started my walk 30 minutes than normal to beat the forecasted rain. I was able to take some PICTURES during my walk of a single object which was a special twisted and almost dead tree trunk I found along the walking trail behind the houses on Country Hills Drive.

After getting back home I doing some computer work and got ready for my Friday lunch with my ex-Premenos colleagues. We had a good lunch talking about what we did since our last luncheon and our plans for the next week or two. After they left Dianne came home to pick me up to go grocery shopping at Target and Trader Joe’s.

Getting back home I started with the daily processing of my pictures and working on my Living with Cancer and Photography blog. For the rest of the day, my activities were the same as always have dinner, finish my blog entries and watch some TV before calling it a day.

In summary, overall today was almost a good day

Picture of the Day
2019-03-22 – Nature Photography – Trees – Special Tree Trunk

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Complete Set of today’s Nature Photography – Trees – Special Tree Trunk