2019-04-04 Living with Cancer – Day 759

Today was almost a Good Day, It started after getting up with Dizziness, sweating and stomach cramps. It lasted all day, only change was the various level. I was able to go for my morning walk, because the levels were low at the start, but went up during the walk, and lower around lunch. Resting at home was interesting because when sitting in my recliner the levels were low, starting to get up and walking around after about 5 (five) minutes the levels would shut up, and I also got new pain location, my right side from under my arm to my hip, at a high level.

As to my activities, Dean and I drove to the DOW Wetlands entering at the Pittsburg-Antioch Highway to take PICTURES of trees the other nature item to see who they survive the Winter, especially the massive rainfalls this year. After that, we went shopping at Costco. Returning home, I unloaded the car before starting the process of downloading today’s pictures. Since it was almost lunch time, I started to prepare my lunch.

After lunch, I rested again since the dizziness and stomach issues were still there. I started watching some TV, while I processed today’s PICTURES and work on my Living with Cancer and Photography blog in the background. Around 2:00 PM I got a FaceTime call from Corinna, my cousin in Canada, we chatted for an hour.

After the call, I continued working on my blog entries. Because of my dizziness and upset stomach, it took almost all off the rest of the afternoon for me to get this done. For the rest of the day, what was left, I continued to rest since my stomach had not settled nor did my dizziness disappear. I ended the day by watching some TV before calling it a day.

In summary, overall today was almost a Good Day.

Picture of the Day
2019-04-04 – Outdoor Photography – Nature – Dow Wetlands

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Complete Set of today’s Outdoor Photography – Nature – Dow Wetlands