2019-04-07 Living with Cancer Day 762

Today was Not a Great Day, it was the direct opposite from yesterday. The day started late, around 9:00, with some light dizziness, stomach cramps, and sweating. The symptoms stayed around for most of the morning after lunch only the dizziness and some stomach issues hung around for the rest of the day. As to my shoulder and hip pains, the only showed up depending on the activity I was active in. In summary, health-wise today was a very Bad Day.

Talking about my activities, shortly after breakfast, I went for a walk with Dianne to take some PICTURES. Dianne would help to suggest what subject I should shoot. She was really good at it. However, we had to change the route I had originally selected since my shoulder and hip pains were just too much.

After getting back home, I rested outside watching Dianne doing some garden work before lunch. During my resting I also worked on all the photos I shot earlier today. After lunch, I did some more work on the photos as Dianne continued with her garden work. After Dianne finished her garden work we all went inside and watched a movie before dinner.

After dinner I finished with processing today’s photos and my Living with Cancer and Photography blog entries. For the rest of the day, what was left, I continued to rest ending the day by watching some movie on TV before calling it a day.

In summary, overall today was a Bad Day.

Picture of the Day
2019-04-07 – Outdoor Photography – Nature – Something old, something new

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