2019-04-08 Living with Cancer Day 763

Today was almost a good Day, it was much better than yesterday regarding the dizziness, stomach cramps and sweating. Instead, my leg and hip muscles hurt a bit and also had to deal with some stiffness. The muscle symptoms stayed around for most of the day, especially depending on the activity I was active in. In summary, health-wise today was a very so-so Day.

Talking about my activities, I started with Dean driving us to Walmart shortly after breakfast, I picked up some items we forgot on our last visit. After Walmart, we started our Morning Walk along the Catanzaro Trail which runs behind the many Strip Malls that are along Lone Tree Way. We enjoyed our walk because of the sun and Willow Trees that provided an excellent walking environment. At the same time, it also provided a great photo opportunity to take excellent PICTURES.

After getting back home, I rested a bit before I had soup for lunch. After lunch I started with processing today’s photos and my Living with Cancer and Photography blog entries. Around mid-afternoon my dizzies took over my system, I could not concentrate. I stopped for a bit doing nothing to get the dizziness down.

After the dizziness was gone, I finished the work that what was left, I continued to rest ending the day by watching some movie on TV before calling it a day.

In summary, overall today was a Good Day.

Picture of the Day
2019-04-08 – Outdoor Photography – Nature – Walking along the Catanzaro Trail

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Complete Set of today’s Outdoor Photography – Nature – Walking along the Catanzaro Trail