2019-04-13 Living with Cancer Day 768

Today was a good Day. For starters, I slept in until 9:00. As to my dizziness, stomach cramps and sweating they were hardly noticeable, especially the sweating part which seemed to be gone. To sum it up, for the whole day, none of the three problem areas showed up. However, after lunch, my system started to run low on energy, which had a side effect of dozing off every so often.

As to my activities, after breakfast, we drove to Walnut Creek to drop Denise of at the Great Crystal Fair in the Civic Park. Dianne and I went morning walk through the Civic Park for a bit over an hour. I took many PICTURES of things throughout the park since this was the first time we walked here.

On our way home, we stopped at Fuddruckers for a quick and easy lunch. Getting back home I rested a bit to regain the energy that I lost walking through the Civic Park in Walnut Creek. After I got my energy back I continued to work on setting up a Flickr Group replacing the Our Photo Club page that was created many years ago on Google+ which is now gone thanks to Google having shutdown Google+ a few days ago.

After dinner I continued with finishing the processing off today’s photos and my Living with Cancer and Photography blog entries. After finishing my blog work I watching some TV before calling it a day.

In summary, overall today was a good Day.

Picture of the Day
2019-04-13 – Outdoor Photography – Nature – Civic Park, Walnut Creek

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Complete Set of today’s Outdoor Photography – Nature – Civic Park, Walnut Creek