2019-04-14 Living with Cancer Day 769

Today was another good Day. Being Sunday, I slept in until 9:00. As to my dizziness, and stomach cramps they were hardly noticeable, however, the sweating part was at its highest output. The good news, the sweating did stop after half an hour. For the rest of the day, none of the three problem areas showed up. As to my energy level, it varied depending on my activity. Walking around to take some pictures took quite some energy requiring me to rest to charge my system back up.

As to my activities, after breakfast and some resting, I went outside for a short Sunday walk and taking some PICTURE of new leaves found on the trees in our neighborhood, in a few days they will have reached their full and final size.

It was lunchtime when I returned from my short walk/photo taking session. After lunch I rested a bit before I started to work on processing today’s photos and my Living with Cancer and Photography blog entries. After finishing my blog work I watching some TV before calling it a day.

In summary, overall today was another good Day.

Picture of the Day
2019-04-14 – Outdoor Photography – Nature – New Leaves

Click => HERE for the accommodating Photographic Article, Outdoor Photography – Nature – New Leaves

Complete Set of today’s Outdoor Photography – Nature – New Leaves