2019-05-15 Living with Cancer Day 802

The day started off well after a good night sleep. By the time I got downstairs for breakfast and taking my vitals, I noticed that my energy level was down a bit. By the time Health Care Services came by for their initial visit, my Temperature has risen to 100.5F.

It stayed that way until noon, Dianne checked with my chemo doctor what the next step should be, but for now, it was agreed to take some Tylenol to bring the fever down for now. My doctor also informed the Infectious Disease Unit about my high temperature, for a possible suggestion about the fever.

There is not much more to report about other than that I rested for the rest of the day helped bring down the temperature to 96.8F.

One thought on “2019-05-15 Living with Cancer Day 802

  1. Hi Klaus,

    So good to talk to you today. Many thanks for the FT call. I was able to get on you blog for 15 May and log in to make this reply. Keep up the good fight and be very loving to your great wife! Judy and I continue to pray for you.



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