2019-05-17 Living with Cancer Day 804

Today was another good day, starting off well after a good night sleep. It seems that after being back home for almost a week, a morning routine has been established. I get up around 8:30, get dressed, go downstairs for taking my vitals before having breakfast. After breakfast, I check my schedule for any Chemo Treatments, Lab test (blood draws), Doctor appointments and/or FaceTime/Skype calls scheduled.

After breakfast, I had a FaceTime call with Ray talking mostly about our favored football teams. After the call, I got ready for the Friday Premenos Lunch. Today only Greg was able to join since Bill and James had other commitments and Larry was back in the hospital.

After lunch, which was a bit late, I spend time cleaning up a bit and moving around the downstairs to help increase my physical strengths. Afterward, I went back to my recliner to rest and start working on this blog entry. I also got ready for my appointment at Quest Diagnostics for a blood draw to check on the Penicillin level in my blood. A test related to my fungus in my lungs.

After returning home it was time for dinner, Friday’s Sandwich Night. There is not much more to report about, after finishing my blog work I watching some TV before calling it a day.