2019-05-18 Living with Cancer Day 805

Today was not a good day, but not a bad day either. The day started off well after a good night sleep, I get up around 8:30, got dressed, and went downstairs for taking my vitals. My vitals, Blood Pressure and Oximeter readings were good, however, I ran a body temperature of a 100.0F.

I woke up around 06:15, just in time to watch Bayern Munich beat Eintracht Frankfurt 5:1 to become the German Champions. After the game, I got dressed and went downstairs.

Like on Wednesday, I rested and checked my body temperature regularly to ensure it did not go over 101.0F. I took some Tylenol to bring the fever down for the rest of the afternoon. Being Saturday and it rained, we all rested watching a movie and TV. For me, it was a bit hard staying awake, a sign that my system is working to fix itself.

There is not much more to report about, after finishing my blog work between dozing off periods, I watched some TV, had dinner, took my vitals and medication, before calling it a day.