2019-05-19 Living with Cancer Day 806

Today was not a good day, weather and health-wise. I woke up with a temperature of 100.2F. The temperature stayed at 100.2F for the morning. At 09:30 I took 2 Tylenol, which lowered the temperature and kept it in check. For most of the day, I rested and checking my vitals to make sure the temperature did not reach 101.0F

Since I was running a high temperature, encountered some dizziness, and my energy level was very low, there were not any activities. The only activity I did was what I call my Marathon Walk. It is a track downstairs that goes through the Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Family Room, back to the starting point, which is the Living room. Other than that I rested, dozing off every so often, for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow, I will start by continuing my all-day cancer treatment. It will be a busy day taking into account that I have two health issues, starting with Multiple Myeloma and Aspergillus Fumigatus, each having their own medication, which if it were not for Dianne, I would have a hard time to keep straight.

There is not much more to report about, after finishing my blog work between dozing off periods, I watched some TV, had dinner, took my vitals and medication, before calling it a day.