2019-05-22 Living with Cancer Day 809

Today was another good day, starting off with breakfast after a good night sleep. I get up around 8:00, with little to none, stomach and/or dizziness issues. There was little that looks different today than it yesterday. Today, that routine was a bit altered because of a change in Dianne’s morning schedule. I rested for A-Rating of 94F :-).

Before lunch, I had Bob, a support group member having lunch with us. We had planned to set up my servers to find out about the gigantic fire that had started at the Wear-house.

After lunch and a rest, I accompanied Dianne to drop off a return at the UPS store, gas station and Costco. I did this to get a bit of outside but stayed in the van wearing my mask.

Getting back home, two hours have gone by. It was time to start working on this blog, most of it was to capture what took place, which is mention above. All that is left is what happened since coming home. For starters, I received the face mask with replaceable N95 grade with activated carbon filters. I will wear the mask when around people to protect myself not only from Flu, Allergy, Dust, Filter Smoke but also other health-rel airborne items.

I had a hard time finishing this blog because, like yesterday, before dinner time. Again, this is it, there is not much more to report about. After dinner we watched some TV, I took my vitals and medication, before calling it a day.