2019-05-23 Living with Cancer Day 810

Today was another good day, starting off with a breakfast after a good night sleep. I get up around 8:00, with little to none stomach and/or dizziness issues. However, today I did have some light sweating that lasted until after breakfast. There were no new health issues, just the normal aches and pains.

The only bad news, which was expected, is that the Myeloma data has shown an increase in numbers, especially the m-spike, which normally is undetected or at 0.1, the latest is now at 0.5. I restarted on Monday my Cancer Treatment, we will see before the next treatment what direction the numbers will go.

Before lunch, I started my first short outside walk with Dianne. My starting Oxygen reading was 90%, after walking along the length of 5 houses I had to turn around as the reading was at 87%. Getting back home and resting for 5 minutes the rate was back to 95%, which is the normal rate since measuring it for the last 5 days.

After lunch, I spend most of my resting time on sorting out my power cables that would not be intermittent. Apple’s switch to using a single USB-C cable is causing an issue that the receptacle is wearing out creating a loose connection. The only real fix is to send the laptop back to Apple, or a temporary fix is to find a cable that may just be a bit oversized to stay snug. Since I have a few cables I was able to find one for now.

I continued to work on this blog, as well as doing some googling for outstanding to-do items that I had put on hold. Soon dinner time approached and it was time to relax and enjoy the meal. After dinner we watched some TV, I took my vitals and medication, before calling it a day.