2019-05-24 Living with Cancer Day 811

Today was another good day, a repeat of yesterday. I will skip the details about my symptoms and pain, they are the same as reported for the last 10 days. Instead, I will try to address my physical state. Today is the 11th day since returning home from the hospital which I stayed at for 28 days. Before this all started 38 days ago I was able to do my morning walks and move around freely. Today I am not even close to being in the same shape.

When people see me, they are surprised how good I look, but looks don’t tell how I feel inside. My activities are limited to walking, moving around, for about 5 minutes. I get up out of my recliner frequently just to move. I started to go outside for short walks with Dianne. The walks are about 5-6 house lengths before turning around. The problem is that my lungs just don’t get enough oxygen.

This may all sound very negative on my part, it is not. I just want you to know when I say it is a good or bad day, I refer to my medical status. Maybe it is time to change that and write about my activities I was able to do. Based on the progress I made since getting back home, it will be a slow and long way to my full recovery. I have no plans to give up and will do whatever it takes to get back into the same physical shape as I was before this all started.