2019-05-27 Living with Cancer Day 814

Today was a better day, which started with blood draws and vitals being taken at the start of the morning. The activities for the rest of the day were those typically expected. Today there were not many activities, the main one was the walking test. During the day the Hospitalist and the Infectious Disease doctor came by, both making the point that we must wait for the results before determining what treatment to apply.

As the day progressed I sat for a while in a chair instead of laying all day in bed. In the afternoon the Physical Therapist (RT) came by to check my status and take me for a walk test. I had no problem with the distance and my Oxygen level never dropped below 90%. After a short break, the RT showed me five exercises which I did.

That’s it for today, there is not much more to report unless things happen during the night.

One thought on “2019-05-27 Living with Cancer Day 814

  1. Hi Klaus,
    Today, I checked your Korner and surprised to see you restarted your recovery reports. Anyway, it is a good news.

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