2019-05-28 Living with Cancer Day 815

Today was another day at the hospital. It started at 02:00 when I woke up with the need to vomit, it turned out to be dry-heaving only. I went back to sleep until 07:00 at which time I took my special antibiotic pills. I took my regular morning pill a bit later. Before breakfast, I received a Breathing Treatment. My vitals were checked regularly. For the rest of the day, I rested or did some walking.

As the day progressed Dianne and I went for a walk which was three times around the ward, one more than yesterday. The Oxygen level was at the end 88% but shot back up to 93% within minutes.

At 14:00 my friend Alice dropped by which was great. Being a retired nurse, she is our second option. Today she passed on a number of suggestions and comments on how to move forward. She explains some of the things I am encountered or will be facing soon.

In the mid-afternoon, the Infectious Disease MD came by and provided us with an update about their tests. For starters the bacterial test was negative. However, I do have the Rhinovirus infections (common cold). Rhinoviruses may also cause some sore throats, ear infections, and infections of the sinuses (openings in the bone near the nose and eyes).

As to the fungus, the last CT scan showed some improvement, showing that the antibiotics are working. For tomorrow the plan is to perform two more tests. If the outcome is positive, and I have no fever, I will be on my way back home, either tomorrow or Thursday.

That’s it for today, there is not much more to report.