2019-06-01 Living with Cancer Day 819

Today was another good day, a continuation of the last few days after returning home from the hospital. Remember that good is relative here. If I compare the last few days with good days before my radiation treatment, they are miles apart. It will take months before I will have good days as they were then.

My morning walk with Dean took more energy than yesterday’s. The length was the same, about 0.2 miles, however it was warmer with more hot sun sections which slowed me down. My Oxygen Saturation rate was at the limit of starting at 90% and staying around 88% during the walk. Maybe I pushed myself too much again, which is not too good. I felt that my energy limit was exceeded and there was a big need to restart my system.

I spend the rest of the afternoon resting either outside keeping Dianne company or inside working on my computer sorting and archiving documents and photos. My Oxygen Saturation rate stayed at 94% with pulse rate of 61 to 66 per minute.

That’s it for today, it was a good day with me staying active which should help me with having a good sleep.