2019-06-02 Living with Cancer Day 820

Today was a bad day! It all started after going to bed last night, My Oxygen Saturation Rate dropped below 82%. The deal with Dianne was that if the level ever dropped below 88% that she would take me to the ER to get some Oxygen. I don’t remember much after getting into the car other than waking up around 2:00 in the morning. It took some time for me to recognize what had taken place, I had been admitted by the ER department to find out the cause.

There is not much to report about today’s activities since I spend the day in bed. I did undergo some blood draws and a CT chest scan with contrast, showing negative for a blood clot. The only other physical activity I did was doing a walk through the ward.

One suggestion put forward at the end of the day was that it may be sleep apnea, therefore I was hooked up for the night to a CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) machine. We will know tomorrow morning if any problems were recorded.

That’s it for today, it was not a good day. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.