2019-06-04 Living with Cancer Day 822

Today was another so-so day! It was discharge day!

Before being discharged I needed another blood transfer. Since my blood has been subject to various chemo related treatments, it contains antibodies that the blood bank needs to be aware of in selecting the blood for me. I received the blood around 4:00 AM and was done at 7:30 AM. Shortly after that another blood draw was taken to ensure the numbers were good to be discharged.

The rest of the day was used to wait for the Blood GO-AHEAD to get the paperwork done for me to go home. I had a number of doctors (Pulmonologist, Cardiologist, Hospitalist and Oncologist) drop by for a final quick check and to say goodbye and wishing me all the best in my recovery.

The waiting continued which allowed Dianne and me to have lunch together, which was very nice. Two topics came up during the doctor’s visit. The first being directed towards getting the fungus cured. The second was the drop of Oxygen Saturation possibly because of sleep apnea.

For the first one, I will be on oxygen when going outside for my walks and if needed during the night be cause the level is below 88%. For the second one, the Pulmonologist is ready to book me for a Sleep Study ASAP.

So that’s it for today, however, it was a day of waiting, not much activities, BUT a good ending, I am back home!