2019-06-06 Living with Cancer Day 824

Today was a good day! It is day two after discharge. There was no need for oxygen being inside. Using the morning walk we used Oxygen which helps to keep the level within the 92-95% range. It was very noticeable to me since my energy level did not drop too much. Activity wise I did a bit more than yesterday, however as the doctors say don’t overdo it, rest for the next few days.

In the morning before my walk, I was able to reconnect with two of my friends, Francois, and Mary Kay, from my volunteer work with the UNECE. I also had a quick FaceTime call with Ray and in the afternoon Kenji called me via FT.

The walk with the Oxygen was a good one since I did not have to stop halfway and at the turning point to rest a few minutes as before. We even increase the walk by 0.05 miles making it now 0.30 miles. It does not sound that much, but I am now using a walker. Don’t worry the time will come when I can start using my walking sticks again.

The rest of the day I rested, for most of the time in the backyard keeping company with Dianne as she was doing garden work, checking my oxygen saturation level and taking my vitals. I also did move, without support, around the house and backyard getting things I needed, such as water.

So that’s it for today, it was a good day health and activity wise. I see a small improvement that will continue each day and hopefully keep out of hospital