2019-06-07 Living with Cancer Day 825

Today was another good day! It is day three after discharge. Getting up at my usual time my stomach acted up. Taking Zofran and laying back for about 20 minutes took care of that. There was no need for oxygen being inside for most of the day, however, after returning from Quest Laboratory I stayed on it in preparation for the stairs to go upstairs. Going outside, in most cases, did require oxygen. Pain wise there was no increase from the normal pain levels, instead, the lower levels stayed that way for the day.

For my morning walk, we used Oxygen to keep the level within the 92-95% range. However, I noticed after passing 2 houses that my Oxygen level was dropping quickly. It turned out that we forgot turned the oxygen on. After turning it on we waited until the level reached 92%. For the rest of the walk, the level fluctuated between 90% and 95%.

After returning home I did very little, I watched the first game of the Women’s World Cup, France beating the Korea Republic 4:0. I moved around the downstairs every so often or got things I needed such as water. The only real activities that required the oxygen to be at 96% or more, were my morning walk, visiting Quest Laboratory and, going up the stairs to prepare to end the day. I did my daily evening bedtime routine and watching afterward some TV to fall asleep.

So that’s it for today, it was a good day health and activity wise. I continue to see a small improvement on both, more energy for walking and being able to move around downstairs without the help of a walker or cane to do some little errand.