2019-06-09 Living with Cancer Day 827

Today was not a good day! It all started when trying to get up around 8:00 and have breakfast. My stomach acted up and dizziness hit me. I check my vitals which were fine with my temperature being a bit high at 99.1F. I stayed in bed until 10:00, before getting up a second time Dianne brought me breakfast. After breakfast I spend a short time in my office only to get light-headed, returning back to my bed for a short period before going downstairs.

I spend the rest of the day downstairs resting and monitoring my temperature and oxygen. I had a good lunch before watching a movie with Dianne and Denise, however, I dozed off a number of times during it. I tried writing this article while watching the movie, but the dozing off and hard time to concentrate made it a difficult task. As you can tell I did get it done. I have to take my antibiotics at 7:00 (every 12 hours), today I had a hell of a time to stay up for it as my body wanted to go to sleep. Maybe being this tired I will finally sleep the last tonights were not that good.

That’s it for today, it was a not a good day health and activity wise the only good news was that there was no need to go to the hospital, with continuing small improvements regarding my energy level.