2019-06-11 Living with Cancer Day 829

Today was good day, I do remember what I did, not like yesterday when I had trouble recalling what I did. My Temperature during the day was between 98.4 and 99.1, which is OK, however, my pulse rate was between 75 and 131, which could be a side effect or an infection. We will know more tomorrow, my chemo treatment day.

Because of the high temperatures (105F/41C), even in the morning, I did not walk. Instead, I walk a bit more inside the house. In addition, I drank a lot of fluids. I spend the morning resting and watching some TV. After lunch I got ready to go to the Cancer Support Group, Dianne pick me up. We took the Oxygen with us to make sure the Oxygen Saturation level stayed in check.

There is not much more to report, especially from the group meeting, other than it was a good meeting. Interesting enough during the meeting my pulse rate was high, 100 to 125, with some periods going as low as 75 bpm.

Getting back home, I again rested and started today’s blog entry. Soon it was dinner time. After dinner, I finished this blog entry and relax watching more TV.

That’s it for today, all around even with the higher pulse rate, it was a better day. Next up will be tomorrow the all-day chemo.