2019-06-12 Living with Cancer Day 830

Today was another good day, the night was not to good, I woke up about 1:00 and could not go back to sleep. I got up early around 7:00 to get ready for my Chemo Infusion day. Today my Heart Rate stayed around 75 to 95. The only health-related issue I had was that I was sweating a number of times.

There is not much more to report, I spend the whole day at the cancer center for my Chemo treatment, we left at 9:00 and got back just in time for dinner. My blood draw results, at the start of the treatment, were very good, especially for the platelets which were up to 92. Just a week and a half ago the count was between 30 and 44.

Moving forward I will have my blood drawn every week and get hydration once a week. My next Chemo treatment will be in two weeks on the 26 June. For now, I am still not taking the Chemo Pill (Pomalyst), which when taken drives the Platelet count down. The blood draw included this time the Myeloma table, however, the results will not be available for about 5 days. From this table, we will see how the protein levels are an indication of how active or not the cancer is.

That’s it for today, all around, even with strong sweat periods, it was a good day. Next up will be tomorrow appointment with the Infectious Disease Doctors.