2019-06-13 Living with Cancer Day 831

Today was another good day, the night was a bit better than yesterday, after my normal Bathroom visits, getting back to sleep took a bit longer or were a false alarm. I also did sweat during the night at a very, very low level. It was different during the day that after some physical activity the sweating started at a high level lasting about 15 to 30 minutes of resting. The Heart Rate level stayed for non-activities times below 90, but during activities was between 100 to 125. The Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) levels were good, when in the house after recovering from an activity the levels were between 95% to 99%. Recovery level was from 88% to 91%. Recall, I only use the Oxygen when walking or other physical activities that lower my Oxygen level below 90/91%, such as walking up the stairs without stopping at the landing halfway.

There is not much more to report, I spend the morning getting ready for the appointment with the Infectious Disease Doctors in Walnut Creek, at a good day about 45 minutes, anything more with traffic even when there was no rush-hour traffic, which in my area is all day, but the HOV lanes are from 6-10am and 3-8pm. Our appointment was for 11:30 with the doctor, arriving at 11:15 for paperwork and the admin stuff. We arrived at 11:00 and did not see the doctor until 12:00 (noon). We left at 1:45 pm. We only had a bag of Breakfast Cookies which we split at noon. We stopped on our return trip at Costco for an ACAI Bowl full of fruit, granola and yogurt and some shopping for drinking water bottles.

Getting home, after unloading all that water, I moved to the backyard relaxing as Dianne did some garden work. I stayed outside enjoying the light breezes, as Dianne went inside to prepare dinner with Denise. I had a sort FaceTime call with Kenji, he is busy preparing some of his photos for the upcoming local Photo Exhibition. After dinner, Dianne went to water the flowers in the front and backyard. I joined her when she was in the backyard to enjoy the tranquility and evening cooling breezes as I finish this blog entry. I went back inside around 7:00 pm to take my antibiotics.

The time will change tomorrow to get a better Trough test, currently, it is 7am/7pm, which causes a problem with the evening time since no lap is open at 6:00 for the blood draw. We used a trick to take the evening pills the day before at 5:00 pm and the test the next day at 4:00 pm at Quest, their last appointment. The change is to take it at 9am/9pm with the blood draw at 8:00 am, the first appointment available at Quest the chosen lap.

That’s it for today, all around, even with strong sweat periods, it was a good day. Next up will be tomorrow lunch with my ex-colleagues from Premenos.